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Development of a 3D video game for hospitalized children



This project aims to promote the development of an innovative tool to facilitate communication and care of hospitalized children.

The starting point for this innovation was my greatest frustration during my career as a caregiver, which was to find myself helpless in front of a suffering child and not being able to communicate with him, either because of his pathology or his very young age.

Playstory - Bizzly


The graphics, the music, everything has been designed to soothe the children. The choice of the name Bizzly the Grolar is not insignificant, it aims to raise awareness of the animal cause and global warming.

My game is playful, but it leaves room for the child to be the hero and for the adult who accompanies him to share his stories.

The 3D universe places the player at the centre of the world, with the sensations that come with it. He is free to experiment at his own pace, and to choose his own path in this open world.

Playstory - Bizzly

Who am I?

Who am I?

My name is Olivier Saccard, I have been a specialist facilitator and since 1995, I have been a nursing assistant at the Moulins-Yzeure Hospital.
My idea and objective has always been to create a “tool” to facilitate care and communication with hospitalized children.


I am a french 3D modeler/rigger on Blender since 3 years in full time, also working on Unreal engine 4 for testing my creations, I am looking to work in partnership or on commission.

My main modeler skills on Blender :
Modeling, Sculpt, Painting, Texture paint, Rigging

For working with me and you have questions, do no hesitate to contact me :



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