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Video game designer and creator

Bizzly : a Serious Game


Why this game? Explanation of the graphic designer…

This is Olivier Saccard. I have been a specialized animator, and since 1995, I have been an assistant nurse and refer animation on the Moulins-Yzeure Hospital Center. My greatest frustration during my career has been to find myself helpless in front of a suffering child. And in spite of all my practice of not being able to enter into a relationship with him. So I joined my artistic passion with my professional knowledge, by modeling characters and making models of small games for children on PC. My idea and objective was to create a “tool”, to facilitate care and communication with children in hospitals and specialized structures. In spite of my desire and the encouraging feedback, the tool I proposed did not meet the practice, nor totally the needs of the caregivers. In 2017, with the technological advances of tablets and mobile phones, I had found the right support. The problem was that at that time, and it’s still the case today, it was very difficult to put a 3D game on a tablet because the technology wasn’t adapted. Why would I absolutely want to develop a 3D game when it was much easier for me to do it in 2D? For people who are not used to video games, I will use a metaphor: 2D games by schematizing: you are on the road at the wheel of your car. You feel sensations, but also frustration of not being able to use your car freely. In addition, your car remains stuck to the ground and limited by the traffic on the road. And now the 3D world, you are at the command of a free plane with all the feelings of freedom that this gives you. you are at the center of the “world”.

I teamed up with a game designer from Lyon, who gave me the technical and logistical means to make it happen. He was as crazy as I was and wanted to create a 3D game on the phone too. We each gave ourselves six months in our own field to find and develop solutions. In January 2018, we started making it, but we weren’t sure we could run it on Android devices. In June 2018, our main character comes to life for the first time on a phone. We had succeeded in our challenge. We could start designing his development on Android and in virtual reality.

This free Serious Game is intended initially for caregivers. It’s a tool that I developed like a Swiss army knife. According to the professional who uses it, he adapts his technique according to his own skills and know-how. From the psychiatrist and psychologist who lets the child tell his or her story while playing, to the doctor and paediatrician who refines and evaluates his or her diagnosis, to the nurse who uses it to facilitate his or her care, or the special educator, the psychological medical aid or the care assistant who uses it to observe his or her young patient and evaluate changes in behaviour. We are in the process of having it evaluated and improved by the pediatric teams of the Moulins-Yzeure Hospital Center.

The style of the game follows logically from the models I had already made on PC. So we were able to quickly establish our main character, as well as the Universe and the game mode. The graphics, the music, everything was designed to soothe the children. The choice of the name Bizzly the Grolar is not insignificant, it aims to raise awareness of the animal cause and global warming. We checked its playability on different Android devices.

We created our two Serious Games. Bizzly the Grolar and Bizzly Ice Cream. The first one is more a technical tool, with a colorful universe elaborated with the codes of nurseries and kindergartens. The second one is a more real world, which invites dreams and contemplation. It allows children to escape from their everyday life and thus keep a link with the outside world.

We must now see the future.

The most difficult thing is to find strong ideas and rewarding projects. We are aware of our limits, that’s why we turn to you, professionals, to test it, evaluate it and advise us with your feedback. A sponsor or sponsoring partner will bring us financial assurance, confidence and limit the time wasted looking for markets.

Our business model:

The Free To Play… Propose a Free Game playable on Google Play. The idea is to make small players aware of the animal cause and global warming. In addition, as the graphic author wishes, when our supports will be finalized, a premium paid game will be proposed and intended to raise funds for hospitalized children.

Our goal is to design and produce a 3D game for Android phones and tablets, playing on the technical possibilities offered by the latter. The most difficult thing is to imagine a product that gives children a unique training experience in the 3D universe. How do you get the attention of toddlers and, above all, make the experience rich, interesting and fun enough and make them want to reconnect to continue their adventure?
Quite simply by using specific training tools designed for children (pedagogy, characters, universe, and by evaluating the difficulties) and by leaving the adult’s place in the accompaniment, the methodology by telling their stories while playing them.

Techniques and playability

BIZZLY the grolar allows its young user to evolve in a real 3D world by using simplified codes of touch movement (left touch wheel to move 360, right touch wheel to manage the camera view horizontally 360 and just touch the rest of the screen to jump). Children will be able to discover the sensation of animating an avatar like their elders (ex: Fortnite, Gears of War, Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade games, developed like Bizzly on Epic Game (game engine). The choice of sound is also a key factor in the success of a game. It marks the spirit of the player, as much as the quality of the graphics. We wanted a soothing music that would give rhythm to the player’s progress and the discovery of the world without stress.
I was able to obtain the rights to an original composition.

How to develop our serious game?

It took me more than a year to develop and carry out my project. Given the uniqueness of the game, and in order not to distort it, I’m going to make it directly accessible to professionals and the public for free on the Play. Google Store


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